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Whats the best browser?
Firefox. Hands down. As a developer it is hard to beat it. The add-ons are fantastic. As an end user only (which I haven't been for  while and probably never will...) I'd recommend Chrome for its simplicity and speed, or Firefox still. Internet Explorer needs to die a horrible horrible death.
What CMS are you proficient in?
I've done quite considerable work with Joomla! from version 1.0 up to the current 2.5 . I have programmed components, modules and plugins and developed many templates as well as customised stylings on all of the above. I have also worked on the ever popular wordpress and developed a number of sites in it. Drupal I have some experience. I spent 3 years working on the Blackboard System as well. I'm confident in working on any CMS if you have a need for something specific.
What languages do you know?
Primarily I work with PHP and Mysql. I've also done considerable work in Javascript and of course CSS. I've done CGI scripting and a fair amount of Perl as well. I have experience using Actionscript, VBScript, ASP and Java.
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