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Who Am I?

I’m a web developer/programmer from Brisbane, Australia…

amstradHarrier_attackI remember when my father first brought home a computer for us. It was an Amstrad with a dual colour monitor, similar to the one on the left. The keyboard had a built in tape deck. To run a game you needed to put a tape in and run it for half an hour or more. My all time favourite game was harrier attack (pictured right) and I was pretty sure I was awesome at it.

The computer came with an instruction book and a programs book. The programs book contained line by line code which you could type in and run. I remember sitting on the lounge room floor, when I was seven or eight, in front of the computer typing these programs in. Although my interest in computers began years before when the computer was first bought home, I think thats where my interest in programming was started.


Since that time, obviously a lot has changed. I’m significantly taller, significantly wider, machines have changed dramatically and I’ve wasted (er invested…) many more hours in front of computers.

I have completed a University of Queensland degree in Information Environments, an Information Technology course centred around design and usability. I’ve held two major jobs. The first at the University of Queensland working for the Teaching and Educational Development Institute (T.E.D.I.) where I was a web developer and Blackboard Support Officer.

I moved on to working at APN News & Media where I programmed the AdServices Xpress system. This system consisted of over half a million lines of code that we developed over the first 4 years and even won an award for it at PANPA.

I’ve spent a lot of money on overseas travel and intend to keep doing trips as often and as long as I can. (See my travel map at the bottom of the page.)

My philosophy

The ghastly reality of our meager existence is that it can be snubbed out in an instant, and as such we might as well get as much out of life as possible. Whilst I might spend a large amount of my time working, it is with a goal in mind to see as much of the world as I can and experience everything fun at least once. Travel is my passion and I have clocked up 26 countries and 125 cities (at time of writing at least…). The point is to get out there and experience things, rather than getting to your deathbed and regretting the things you didnt do.


    • Computer Builds
    • Travel
    • Rugby Union / League
    • Self Improvement
    • Home Brewing
    • Cooking
    • Experiencing life
    • World Domination
    • Property

How I spend my day

  • In front of a computer 87%
  • Drinking Coffee 21%
  • Feeding my fish 5%
  • Learning about percentages 12.56%
  • Planning world domination 121%
  • Fixing webpage breakages from stupid percentages 33%


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